How to care for a home turtle

How to care for a home turtle

Before you start as a homepet turtle, waterfowl or land, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules of the maintenance - rather unpretentious at first sight the animal needs careful care.

How to care for a home turtle

You will need

  • Turtle, terrarium.



To have a tortoise, and her life wascomfortable and long, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to spend both time and money, as well as allocate a certain part of your apartment for the place where the terrarium will be located. Unfortunately, often land or waterfowl turtles are purchased as a toy for children who are unable to provide the animal with everything necessary. As a result, many tortoises are threatened with agonizing death from hunger or cold, if the older members of the family do not interfere in time. Therefore, as a four-legged friend for a child, it is better to choose other animals.

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To keep turtles at home, you need a terrarium. Now in specialized shops it is possible to get various models - glass, wooden or from other materials. Contain turtles on the floor can not in any case - it can lead to the death of a pet or a number of different and dangerous diseases, especially in cold climates. The temperature in the terrarium must be between +28 and +30 degrees. It is highly undesirable to contain several turtles of different species in one terrarium.

How to care for a land tortoise


Land turtles need periodicbathe, rinsing them with a soft sponge. The water temperature, according to experts, should be at least +30 degrees. Water can reach the level of the neck of the turtle, the main thing is that it can by no means get into the eyes, ears and mouth of the animal. A clean turtle needs to be wiped off and monitored so that it is not placed in a draft. Usually it is enough to bathe turtles 3-4 times a month.

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Owners of land tortoises from time to timeyou need to check the claws and beak of your pet - if they look too overgrown, and the tortoise is uncomfortable and can not normally eat and move, you need to contact the veterinarian. The specialist will be able to properly cut the claws and beak, as well as check the condition of the shell. Usually no care for the shell is required, only during moult it is better to lubricate with a special cream. The product is sold in animal stores.

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